• Parasect Live – 04/12/2015

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DiscOordinationDJ DiscOordination has been banging out the raw psychedelic sonic surprises for the past 10 years throughout Scotland and in exciting underground locations out there in the world; in forests, clubs, farms, festival tents, flats, factories, bars and guest houses (to give some examples)… He specialises in mind-bending trippiness and unexpected psychedelic surprises but give him enough notice, to warm up the CD burners, he will adapt to almost any style.  He first got into electronic music in the legendary Drome under the bridges in London Bridge and became enthralled by the psytrance magic somewhere in the Australian Bush… Hence his prefered DJ scape has to be lush native forests, however he is adaptable.  He loves all things audio-electronic such as sound-systems and speakers and has built his own sound-system which he can be persuaded to take on the road occasionally.  He is one of the main promoters behind the Edinburgh clubnight Cosmic and organisers of the legendary (at least in Scotland) Planet Monkey parties in surprise locations North of the Border.  If you need to get in touch his email is aconsciousdreamer@hotmail.com