• Parasect Live – 04/12/2015

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Cosmic Solstice mix-mas


December 13 -


December 14 -

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Cosmic Club Night

11 Hastie's Close

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH1 1HJ

Cosmic Solstice mix-mas

Hey guys welcome to another Cosmic feat in Edinburgh. The Cosmic mother-ship is setting it self up for one more gathering of beautiful earthlings, crazy psychedelic crafts, and dance lovers. Together will punch a hole through the darkness of the day and wink to all liquid life forms across the cosmos.

Chaos will be initiated by Cosmic resident Dj Zalien, he will be on the bridge playing a energised progressive set. Aurora will follow and bring the full madness from Scotland’s most northern psychedelic outpost. No too far from there, descending from Aberdeen, we have Psilocyburn. Jake will debut some of his most recent production projects with an exquisite repertoire that can be followed at Digital Shamans Records. To complete the feat traveling from Ireland, we have JuliosMap, a Dublin psychedelic trooper from Brazil. Julio will blend his Brazilian origins with an European twist and of full psychedelic madness…

Cosmic Portal:
01.30 – 03.00 JuliosMap (Psychedelic Gaff/Oggy Psy Club, Dublin)
00 – 01.30 Psilocyburns (Digital Shamans Records)
00.30 – 00.00 Aurora (Planet Monkey)
09.00 – 10.30 Zalien (Planet Monkey)

As usual Cosmic will be featuring our residents VJs, UV décor provided by Cosmic Crew and a scketish twist towards the light.
Tunes are on from 21.00 to 3.00 £4 before 22.00 £8 afterwards.

Dress as trance and smile with a dance!