• Parasect Live – 04/12/2015

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HypersenseHypersense is Giorgos Mitropapas, a Greek electronic music composer and DJ based in Edinburgh. He always had a passion for music in general, mostly rock and metal in his early days. He started getting involved into electronic music during his studies in the UK, around 1995. He was exposed to artists like Ozric Tentacles, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, and a whole other artists influenced by the psychedelic and dance wave. In about 2005 he got seriously involved into electronic music production and started learning various music software with an intent to create original and expressive electronic music that satisfied his need for personal expression. He was part of the Planet Monkey collective for quite a while but in the summner of 2016 he decided to step down and concentrate more into his music project. He also runs an educational website related to music and audio production called Audio Tutorial Videos (www.audiotutorialvideos.com) a site that has proved really helpful for a lot of artists and people starting their career in music production. Giorgos is also involved in graphic & web design (www.gmitropapas.com). His artist web site contains music that he has produced along with various music production tutorials.

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